Managing Your Lessons

The “Your Lessons” area is where custom word lists are stored and organized. Create your own custom categories to best suit your instructional needs. This is a great way to keep your pre- planned lessons and resources at hand, year after year.

You can easily share your custom categories with any fellow educator on your license. Sharing lesson categories across your school or district makes it easy to collaborate and saves everyone valuable planning time. You can also assign shared word lists to students, groups of students, or your whole class.

Your Lessons

“Your Lessons” contains categories with all your saved word lists. Only you have access to these lists. You can create and organize categories to best suit your needs.

By clicking anywhere on a Word List you can assign or download. By clicking the “Actions” link, you can also edit or delete a Word List, or move it to a different custom category in the “Your Lessons” area.

Sharing a Category

Shared categories contain the Word Lists your colleagues on the same managed license have shared with you. Categories are organized alphabetically by school, teacher, and then category name.

You can share a category by clicking the “Actions” link and selecting “Share”. Once shared, an icon will appear next to the category name and in the left-side category list, letting you know at a glance which categories are being shared with your district or school. You can turn the sharing on or off anytime using the “Actions” link.

NOTE: School folders only appear when at least one teacher at the school has shared a “Your Lessons” category. Teachers will appear under their school folder once they have shared at least one category.

Word Lists found in shared categories can be downloaded or assigned to your students using the same process as you would with your own Word Lists. Clicking anywhere on the Word List thumbnail will open a menu of assigning options.