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Vocabulary A-Z Product Overview

Connecting K-5 Vocabulary Instruction to Online Student Practice

Vocabulary A-Z is a digital solution for helping K-5 students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension. Teachers can choose from premade vocabulary lessons or quickly create their own, then assign to students for differentiated practice. Students practice online by completing game-based activities that make learning fun and provide valuable data to inform instruction.

Vocabulary Lessons

Premade and customizable vocabulary, spelling, and phonics lessons make it easy to connect instruction to current topics, basals, and Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, ELL Edition, and Science A-Z resources. Digitally assign lessons for practice or print five-day lesson plans.

Online Practice

Students practice vocabulary, spelling, and phonics by completing game-based activities that dynamically incorporate assigned lessons and make learning fun. With online and mobile access, students can complete assignments in class and at home.

Digital Reporting

Digital activity and assignment reports provide valuable data that informs educators about individual, small-group, and class-wide instructional needs.

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