Getting Students Started in 3 Steps

Step 1: Add Students to Your Roster

The Roster makes it easy to create logins, send messages, and manage student activity for all your Learning A-Z subscriptions. Use the Roster to customize passwords, reading levels, incentives, groups, and more for your students.

Create a Roster when you first log in to benefit from product features and ensure students get the most from their personalized learning environment.

  1. Student passwords may be assigned using an icon or text.
  2. Groups allow you to organize students according to skill level, interest, or project.
  3. Incentives can be turned on or off students use to customize their Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder.

Step 2: Student Placement

  • If you already know a studentís reading level, select it when adding them to your Roster.
Entry Point Level Grade Equivalent Lexile Range
  • aa
K BR70L-10L
  • D
1 160L-310L
  • H
1.5 430L-530L
  • K
2 510L-620L
  • N
2.5 530L-810L
  • Q
3 660L-930L
  • S
3.5 790L-940L
  • U
4 820L-1030L
  • X
5 890L-1080L

Step 3: Communicate Kids A-Z Login Instructions to Students and Parents

Learn more about the Kids A-Z Student Portal at Get to Know the Student Portal.

  • Download the personalized Student Login Cards and distribute to students so they can log into the Kids A-Z Student Portal using their username and password, in class or at home.
  • Download the Letter to Parents to get parents and guardians started using Learning A-Z products at home. The letter is offered in multiple languages and introduces Learning A-Z product(s) available to students, explains student login instructions, and instructs parents and guardians how they can receive progress reports via email in a variety of languages.