Get to Know the Student Portal

This customizable portal is available through and on the Kids A-Z mobile app.


Students can access the Assignments page when they click on the Vocabulary A-Z planet. Here they can complete Interactivities and quizzes for premade or customized vocabulary, spelling, and phonics lists as well as lists from popular reading series.

Premade Lessons

If students are assigned a Raz-Plus/Reading A-Z or Science A-Z Vocabulary, Spelling, or Phonics Premade Lesson, they can access the Interactivities and quizzes in the Assignment area of their Reading or Science planet in the Kids A-Z student portal. A subscription to Raz-Plus/Reading A-Z or Science A-Z is required to access Premade Lessons.


Students can use the dashboard to navigate to messages. You can send students messages and award them bonus stars from the Classroom Roster.

Star Zone

Students earn stars by completing activities. They can spend their stars by customizing their avatar in the Avatar Builder or Raz Rocket in the Star Zone.

You can turn these incentives On or Off in the Classroom Roster under the General Tab.


Students can check their progress in Stats.

You can check student progress in the Activity Report.