Assignments Feature

You can directly assign individual resources by selecting the Assign button. Choose from four assignment options: Sequenced, Intervention, Student Choice, or Review.

  • Sequenced: Select Vocabulary, Spelling, or Phonics to receive a sequenced assignment of five category-specific games, beginning with instruction and concluding with an assessment.
  • Intervention: Choose games from the Vocabulary, Spelling, or Phonics categories to customize assignments. You can also save customized assignments as presets to streamline assigning resources to students throughout the year.
  • Student Choice: Once you select Vocabulary, Spelling, or Phonics, students have access to all the games and the assessment in that category.
  • Review: Create a review list that draws from words studied in previous Vocabulary or Spelling assignments. Review lists can be made for individual students or the entire class.

Premade Lessons and Your Lessons

Select a lesson in either Premade Lessons or Your Lessons to display the Assign button. If you subscribe to Raz-Plus or Science A-Z you can also assign Vocabulary A-Z lessons directly from those sites, or anywhere you see the Assign button.

Assignment Feature

Students can access their assignments in the My Assignments area on Kids A-Z.
Visit the Get to Know the Student Portal page to learn more about this area.

Assignment Start Date

Start dates allow teachers to determine when an assignment appears in the student portal. Future assignments can be seen at the Kids A-Z Student Management site in the Assignments area, where they can be edited or removed.